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Hardwood Floor Resurfacing – Our Trademark Service

The vast majority of hardwood floors have only mild marring, scratches and wear. Since practically all of live happens while walking around on the floor, there are going to be many instances of wear and tear. Many times the deeper marks of life in your floors are worn as a badge of courage, it’s character and are certainly good for conversation.

Resurfacing your floors doesn't require the intensity of labor, time and expense of a complete refinishing. This is a great option for floors that need a little facelift or TLC, but not a complete revamp. Our Fabulous Floor team will gently sand away any surface marks and general wear. We will then apply a coat of high quality, long lasting polyurethane, leaving the deeper marks of life stories and character.

This service is non-invasive to the flooring and to the family. Resurfacing does not affect the color or integrity of the wood; it does not create airborne dust or fumes, it is completely Green (good for your family and our team). We try not to inconvenience you or your schedule by working in a way that doesn't create a mess and allows you to stay home while we work. IT DOES leave behind a fabulous sheen and the warmth of your stories. It is the single most cost effective value-added home improvement available. The best part is the price and time requirements . . . It’s only Ninety-Nine Cents per square foot (99¢ sq. ft.) and can be accomplished within hours, NOT DAYS.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Repair

Refinishing a hardwood floor is a great investment. Eager investors, new homeowners and people looking to restore the true beauty of any environment love hardwood floors. Our team at Fabulous Floors Oakland-Macomb is ready to bring your floors back to their original glory, leaving a historical and attractive finish, that will last you a lifetime, as long as you properly maintain it! Repairs of any magnitude can be accomplished with satisfaction guaranteed.

Hardwood Floors will be taken down to bare wood, stained (your choice of color), sealed and coated with the highest quality polyurethane available. Of course, like the paint on a classic car, your floors will be sanded between coats of polyurethane to ensure a spectacular finish with lots of depth. Again, other than beautiful Hardwood Floors, we leave no trace of our being in your home.  

Hardwood Floor Supplies & Suppliers

Fabulous Floors is dedicated to using the highest quality, most refined, and long-lasting products for every project. We only contract with suppliers that commit to the same level of dedication and quality that we have established for ourselves. We use oil-based stains with color chosen by you; polyurethanes are either oil or water based chosen by you with our advice. We DO NOT skimp on materials; we DO NOT skimp on any aspect of YOUR project. We demand that you, the customer, receive total satisfaction. We go to the extreme to ensure your Hardwood Floors are the pride and joy of your home.

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Customer Reviews

"I was worried about getting my floors refinished because of the time, people in my house and furniture. I hired Fabulous Floors and to my surprise everything went very smooth. They did a great job and I would not hesitate to use them again or refer to friends." - Tammy Lynn J. 

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